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Our New Book Releases with India's Ambassadors

Dear Friends and Family on Gandhi-King, 

We are pleased to announce to you our new books.  These books begin a series that continues the discussion begun in our flagship book: Earth Ethics of M.K. Gandhi with teachings from Holy Mother Amma: an Introduction.

On April 18th, 2012,  we  were invited to a reception at the India House, here in Stockholm, home of India's Ambassador to Sweden and Latvia, H.E. Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar, to hear a talk by India's former Ambassador to many countries, H.E. Ambassador P.A. Nazareth, (Retd.)  on Gandhi's Outstanding Leadership.  Ambassador Nazareth was on the first leg of what was to be a whirlwind tour, releasing his book in Sweden, Mexico, and Brazil.

At the end of the evening, we released our two books to these esteemed Ambassadors.

From left to right: Prof.Ishtiaq Ahmed, Nazeer Faridoon, Srimati Madu Sajjanhar (holding  Pranaam and our album, Become Love) , H.E. Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar, (holding Discovering the Penance of Speech) Aunty Kamala (author),  Maria Bylund (holding M.K. Gandhi and My Hometown Chaplin, CT USA and other Essays), H.E. Ambassador P.A. Nazareth (Retd.) (holdingEarth Ethics of M.K. Gandhi and Holy Mother Amma: an Introduction) and the authors son, Linkesh A. Diwan. MSc Student, Erasmus Mundus Select program in Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems at KTH, and proprietor Wise Earth Publishers.  Taken at India House, Stockholm, Sweden. April 18th, 2012.

Gandhi gave the world evidence of his absolute certainty of the reality of truth and love and his means to achieve them, based upon his environment, social conditions and inner qualifications and capacities.  Today Holy Mother Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi ) stands as a living representative the pure ideals of truth, love, manifested as purest Ahimsa, purest Compassion, and equal vision of all life. The example of her life and teachings are the practical application of these ideals for our days and the tremendously difficult challenges facing humanity.  She is a rare gift from the Earth, to the life within it, and she is immensely down to earth. 

The biggest challenge we face is within us.  Our minds. Our squinched up hearts.  Once we begin to clear our minds and hearts of selfishness and fear, we will have increasing unity, that will allow us to move the mountains of destructive forces and move what is literally the oceans of garbage that are innundating us and polluting every inch of the creation, including Mother's Breast Milk, world wide.

We have yet to collectively realize that the care of our children and their mothers determines the fate of the human race, and that this fact needs to be front and centre before any decision is made regarding our environment, the social systems we set up, the technology and products that we endorse, the education we give our children and the development we pursue.

Cleaning our minds, cleaning the Earth, is a simultaneous process, direct action is needed.  Working together to face the tremendous challenges facing us, with love and hope, will bring unity and peace of mind.

Our books are part of our effort to be the change we want to see for all of us, they are also part of our own personal evolution.  Merely to study the Great Ones, does not make us great, but, it points to a true and clean path to walk. We are trying to walk in the light of these ideals, grateful for the Grace of Holy Mother Amma that enables us to see a direction for contribution to the betterment of humanity.

To continue the discussion, Vol. 1 M.K. Gandhi and My Hometown, Chaplin, CT USA and other Essays  includes an examination of Radical Personalism, current direct action for social sanitation, and a discussion on the schooling problem facing the planet in light of some of the ideas of Gandhi, Amma and John Lennon, including Helena Norberg Hodge and Vandana Shiva.

This image shows the entire cover, back of the book on the left. The flora and fauna on the book is found in Chaplin, CT USA, and was dearly loved by the author's daughter, Anni.

Vol. 2 in the series: Discovering the Penance of Speech  examines the use of speech as a tapas. India has a highly evolved treasure chest of metaphysical terms and expressions.  Penance was the closest word we could find to tapas, the Sanskrit word that encapsulates the joyous, determined, and willing sacrifice of selfish interests in the pursuit of truth.  Beginning with a personal and candid view on speech, Gandhi's restoration of the power of the word in the political sphere, and Holy Mother Amma's teachings for the use of speech,  it moves into a look at some of the different contributions of the world's great faiths, and new discoveries in modern science regarding speech.

This is the entire cover, back on left.

It is said that keeping company with the pure and true, is what elevates our thoughts and uplifts our spirits, this is Satsang.  As we think, so shall we be and do.  If we cannot be in the physical presence of great souls, then we can study their teachings through good books, bear their thoughts in mind and ponder them in our hearts, and seek to apply them in our lives.  This is actually a closer, more real and eternal way of keeping their company.  However, nothing can compare with the living presence of a True Teacher, as anyone who has been around Holy Mother Amma can attest.  Words point to angles of a vision, but presence is all encompassing.  However, through pure thought, we can achieve presence.

At this time, our family run publishing company,  Wise Earth Publishers  has retail distributors, and mostly relies upon word of mouth advertising, a people's distribution network, in our efforts to keep costs down to the reader.  It was due to the sincere efforts of People's Distributor Mr. O. Evaldsson in India, that our flagship book came into the hands of H.E. P.A. Nazareth...and the rest is history.

We hope that you will enjoy these books, and that they will be of service to you and your works.

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