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Here is what ‘They’ did:

Women Perform Sexual Act with Priests
A strange religious practice has been traced as far back as the 5th century B.C. It was common in India, Babylonia., Arabia, Africa and Greece. The prostitutes dedicated themselves to fertility gods and goddesses.

The women performed sexual act with priests, or in some instances with worshippers inside the temple. On this basis, it is believed that prostitution itself may have started as a sacred right connected with religion and later it became secularized.

They Dance to arouse Sexual Interest
Throughout the world dance is an integral part of religious rites. Some societies use it to arouse the sexual interest of women for strange men, after which their husbands arrange a meeting at an agreed time with the man of their choice.

The ‘Buffalo dance’ of American Indians required the women to have intercourse which was viewed as a means of drawing power from the Primal Bison, to ensure large herds and prosperity.

They Perform ritual Baths
In some societies customs of ceremonial bathing is prescribed as a religious ritual to be performed before intercourse or after menstruation . In many cultures, water is regarded as a purifying and erotic agent for the body as well as sexual bahaviour in the mind ritual bathing also includes showers, shared hot baths and washing the sex organs.

They are famous for Liberal Sexual Attitudes
Oneida community of America is a 19th century Utopian community located in North western New York state. They believe in the perfection of everything. These people were well known for their liberal sexual attitudes. Their women were always ready to volunteer to help young men to learn the technique of controlling ejaculation.

They Celebrate the Arrival of puberty
In certain under developed societies, ceremonies are performed to celebrate the arrival of puberty and the beginning of adulthood. The formal rites usually include teaching of ‘tribal legends’ and laws. Legend is the story handed down from the past, especially one that may not be true. Sexual practices and responsibilities expected of an adult in the particular society are also taught.

In many societies the rites for boys involve circumcision as well as severe physical tests such as flogging, body scarring and teeth pulling.

Coming of age ceremonies for girls are usually less elaborate and more private and may involve deflowering, introcision and clitoridectomy.

Public rites are also performed in various societies in which the genitals may be sacrificed or mutilated.

Sex is a Taboo after childbirth
In certain curlers there is ban or prohibition to do or heal touch taking on various things for religious reasons.

Several types of taboos are prevailing in the world. In many societies there is a taboo against adultery during ritual seclusion of the father of a new born child.

They Insert metal rings in the nipples
In many parts of the world, some people in backward societies perforate various parts of the body and insert rings or studs either for ornamentation or for adornment. Some people insert metal rings or rods in the nipples, in the head of the penis, the prepuce, the scrotum, the perineum, the labia, or the hood of the clitoris.

They use metallic device to make coitus unlikely
In ancient Egypt and East Africa a strange custom prevailed. To prevent sexual intercourse the foreskin or labia majora of the wife was stitched together or may have a metallic device, such as a ring inserted between the folds of tissue of make the coitus unlikely. The steps are believed to be taken to ensure fidelity on the part of the wife.

They Worship Phallus
In some societies phallus is worshipped as the source of life and a symbol of fertility and power. The Hindus worship Shivlinga. In such a culture the phallus is represented in art forms such as pictures which play in essential part in religious rituals and ceremonies.

They wear penis Holders to protect the penis
In various societies of South America and Papua New Guinea, people wear a protective penis holder. Sheaths of this kind are generally made of gourds, cloth, or metal and decorated with feathers, or flowers.

They Hold the Penis of a visitor as a form of Greeting
Early Hebrews are well know for the Phallic Oath. It was the ritual act of a man touching another man’s penis to solemnize an oath.

Penis holding has also been found in Central Australia. In some tribes, people hold the penis of a visitor as a form of greeting equivalent to shaking hands.

They Rub Noses for sexual expression
In western societies kissing is a way of greeting, expression of affection, sexual desire, love, friendship, or reverence. But in some societies such as Trobrianders, Eskimos, Andamanese, Thai and Vietnamese where kissing is not the custom, people rub noses as a form of greeting or sexual expression.

Their Intercourse is a cut and dried affair
Lepcha is a society of Sikkim, state of India. It is situated in the Himalayas. The Lepchas are generally hunters and fishers who permit polygamy, though monogamy is more common.

They do not involve sex with love. Intercourse is an out and dried affair in new trend without kissing, courtship, extended foreplay or emotional involvement. With the advancement of communication system their life is also changing gradually.

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