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King and Global Liberation Curriculum Guide for your classroom


The Liberation Curriculum Initiative of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute (whose director Clay Carson started this community) recently published a curriculum guide: King and Global Liberation. This guide features lesson plans and resources on the African-American Freedom Struggle and other global liberation movements, especially those fought through nonviolent means. One of the lessons is on King and Gandhi and the connections between the Indian and the African-American movement. Since many of you are all over the world and cannot access the physical copy, please find attached here a pdf copy of this guide.

We look forward to feedback you have on the curriculum guide. Please email me: with suggestions and comments or find me on this community. If you teach any of these lessons in your classroom, we would LOVE to hear about your experience and view any student work samples, videos etc. that you may have.

Hope you find this a useful resource.


Ashni Mohnot
Director of Education (Liberation Curriculum), Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute.

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Dear Ashni,

I simply wanted to thank you very much for making this publication available online. It will be extremely useful for my course on “Knowledge in the Civil Rights Era” which I am currently putting together.


P.S. I saw the picture of you in front of the Taj Mahal: lucky you!
Carl, I'm very glad you found it useful. I would *love* to have feedback from your experiences in the classroom - what lessons/activities worked and what didn't? Suggestions for improvement? Also, would it be possible to see student work samples from whenever you teach any part of this guide? What grade level are you teaching and where?

The picture at the Taj was with the Stanford students who went on the India Gandhi seminar last year with Dr. Carson. :) I was TA for the class.

Greetings from Atlanta: City of Peace,
Ashni, hello from Dr. King's birthplace.
Your Liberation Curriculum Initiative is
awesome. Thanks so much for a copy.
Please add me as a Friend. Thanks.
I added a new discussion.
Thanks for your kind words, John, and happy to add you as a friend! I am glad that the Liberation Curriculum is useful and interesting to you.



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