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hi - my grade 7 students have embarked on a journey of 'uncovering' the 'man behind the mahatma'....looking at different points of view and wanting to continue the legacy of 'gandhi' - but without the 'halo' as it were. if anyone would like to join in and share your views, it would be wonderful!!

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hi all,
We just came up with an extremely fantastic idea of actually interesting kids in Gandhi by making a website. Hey, kids love going online and playing games - its the latest attraction. Why not make Gandhi fun for kids the way they like??!!?? So we have decided to conduct a survey and find out which are the most popular sites amongst kids and what they like to do best in them. That way we will know what to do for our website!! Grade - 7 will hold the survey through this weekend and we will post the data as soon as possible and update this discussion of how we will take this forward.
Bye for now and Cheers!
looks good kavya - we must keep updating the site and ask all the kids to sign up..
I have a suggestion for the game:

The game can have some type of energy in Gandhiji which catches attention of people and then they join the party. Like that we can have the Dandi march, shown in a game. That can be one of the games we will have on our site. But the problem is, we will first try to find if any such games are available. If not, then Tripti ma'am might be able to help us in MAKING it. How's that? But I am not sure if Tripti ma'am will be able to do it. Software Programming is VERY difficult.

If any one of you have any suggestions, It would be my honor to have it with me and my school. It might provide us a great help.

Thank You.
Hitch your wagon to the sky! Always aim high. I think if we WANT to, we will find a way to create games - tough or easy...

So, go on...

Love, TD
hey its a long jurney man. How do we undergo it? Yo kiran ma'am, yaar give some ideas


PS: I joined the community today by the way, than you ma'am for letting me reply to your comment but otherwise it is bakwas. sry for disturbing ma'am.Once again sry sry sry sry sry just joking haan dont take it so seriously man i mean ma'am
Ma'am even we have started this project, you only introduced it to us. I hope our site is successful and helpful to the children and people worldwide. Grade-7 is the best in everything.

Our journey to make people not Mahatma Gandhi but Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has kicked off very well, I hope this site has to be the best on Gandhi, and please support us on our ideas please people.

Thank You
Hello! We have called up Mr. Prasad and he is coming to our school to partner with us in giving the ideas for our project- THE MAN BEHIND THE MAHATMA and we are going to take this forward very well....
Hi all,
Preet here...
Website designing is a really good idea!!!
According to the survey we have conducted, we found out that children like contests, quizzes, interactions and games!
So, lets start working!!!
GO Grade 7 GO!!!
I think sunny should behave properly, instead of Torres scoring he should not put any photo or put his picture. Sunny please pay attention on this and change your image.
yes i so totally agree
and the expert intervention with MR. Prasad was AWESOME!! thank u!!!!!!!!
Hi all,
At school, we had an interesting interaction wiht Mr. Sarvodaya Prasad with whom we got touch through this COMMUNITY-BUILDING site... Currently, Mr. Prasad is part of the Gandhian Movement... He came to embark on this journey with us and made us understand many principles of Gandhi. We thought that non-violence meant to not retaliate and keep bearing the pain!!! But he told us that Non-violence DOES NOT mean passivity... Gandhi used non-violence only to lower the moral confidence of the opponent... Gandhi thought that if we retaliate, then the opponent's moral strength will rise. Using the strategy, Gandhiji got us freedom. Mr. Prasad also told us that because of Gandhiji's strategy, the British had lost the moral power to rule India by 1930 ITSELF!!! It was a fruitful interaction!!!

On behalf of Grade 7 and RIverside, I would like to say THANK YOU!!!



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