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Indeed,Ghandiji was a Jain who are against any cruelty adn strict vegetarians and Hindus who comprise over 900 million folks of india are the biggest vegetarian society of the world.

Today,on Tv I saw a report  that american owned media trinity mirror had hacked into her phone when she was having a private conversation with Paul Mcartney,of beatles fame.

Hence,what has happened to america ,once a land of free nd indpendently minded folks whihc to many seems a sanctuary to hackers,racists,bigots,imperialists and when it seems to many that Britain has passed its baton to fellow kith and kin and to carry on the past policies .

hence,wouldnt it be nice if Ghandi King foundation took up the issue with Obama adminstration and sort out the mess and not give sanctuary to Murdoch or Piers Morgan who is now on CNN and arrest them and fine mega bucks so this sort of harassment and abuse of women,vegand doesnt take place at home and abroad as people are fed up of racism,sexism,facism in 21st centuary world of haves  and havenots and where mockery is made of freedoms,democracy and justice nd equity for all living beings.

I had the privilege of meeting Heather Mills at charity christmas dinner by VIVA at Bristols merchent venturer hall and she did inspire one and I did get carrid away and bid upto a couple of hudnred pounds for the VIVA charirty raffle of a weekend away at Lake Districts vegetarian hotel.I had one two many and dint realise that Heather Mills was bidding and I couldnt have afforded the money but might just have done so with company dnation!.phew

Indeed,President Lyndon Johnson was bowled over by Indian PM Indira Ghandi,UK and europena eudacted lady so would be many with ladies of passion in anoble cause and crusade to save the world.


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Bapu was not Jain...however he was a vegetarian...

Gandhiji was not a jain. In those time there are a great iffect of jainism in the reign of Gujrat. So Every hindu followed custom and traditions also. So maximum people knows that he was jain.



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