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Is History repeating itself or folks in middle east following Britihs Imperial history by massacaring folks to stay in power and what lessons does history teach humanity?

I copy extract on Hindu christian educated Nationalist leader Subhas Chandra Bose who was third most important member in Indias fight for independence from Britihs rule of 300 years,the other two leaders being Ghandji and Nehru all Hindus and Uk Christian educated as lawyers and philosophers.

Indeed,one begs the question that atiny nation of England /britain whihc has been raped and pillaged and conquered should do the same to other countries what its own people have suffered seems odious and out of sync unless it inherited genes and blood of conqueroers and maruaders of vikings,normans,saxons and all.

Hence,as middle east rullers go on killing spree whihc britain did do the same on Indians,africans,maoris,red indians ,boers and afghans etc and in most recent history Iraqis and all whilst its own population sufferes in loss of pensions,cuts in public services etc one begs the question of how to reverse this inherent trait,tide of facism,racism,sexism in the rulling taleban as th masses have no peace .

Indeed,yanks got it in the neck and pocket  when they were rulled by British rulling class of conservatives,land owners,princes and military but yanks fought back and won when they didnt want to pay taxes to keep in the top down food chain whihc they were used to and accustome dto with servants and estates and all.

So americans won thier freedom with bullets and arms and ammo and so did ANC with Nelson Mandela and so did the Jewish folks and so did the Kenyans with Mau mau and so on.

Hence,when one looks at the life and times of Subhas Chandra Bose ,one asks and begs the question that f our country is cunning or cruel enough to stir up toruble and start wars and mischief making and imperialism and facism combined,why cant be genuine agenst of change as folks copy our past and massacre masses and suppress democracy as our rullers like Churchill and his mob did on indians supported by princes at home and in india as well as by aga khan and conservatives at home and abroad as after all sooner or later all folks have to meet thier makers,be it churchill,king or emperor and as Egypt tires its president and the criminal court in hague has tried minor folks of africa and eastern europe ,isnt it time we tried some top boys in power and atleast we can try folks in absentia-i.e churchill,brigadier general Dyer,King George the 3rd ,Henry 8th,chief of military and merchents and masons who supported them lads for abuse of women,children,animals and darkies and for war crimes against humanity and folks of today would wise up quickly and be carefull not toabuse thier power and position lest we get resurrection of Oliver cromwell and General Fairfax.phew.



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